NUMBER OF BEDS: 6 (2x2p, 2x1p)


    • Swimming pool
    • Air conditioning in all areas
    • Wireless internet
    • 2 bathrooms with shower and toilet, one of which has a bath
    • Bedrooms with mosquito net and air conditioning
    • Washing machine
    • Ironing board
    • Hair dryer
    • Wood stove
    • Kitchen with oven, dishwasher, juicer and Nespresso
    • Own entrance
    • 5000 m2 Mediterranean garden
    • Family and child friendly


Location and Map

The Guest House

There is a cottage in front of the tower. It has a kitchen, double bed, bathroom, and air conditioning. The bedroom has a hillside view, and the guest house has a covered terrace overlooking the old town. This cottage can be rented as an extra.


How old is the tower?

The tower dates back to 1630 and was used to protect the Ibicencos from the attacks of pirates from sea. There are 14 towers in Ibiza. Ours is still equipped with a shooting and viewing hole.


How far is the beach?

5 minutes by car.


Is it a luxury villa?

It is more of an atmospheric historical place with a beautiful view over the old town of Ibiza, the Mediterranean, and the island of Formentera. The kitchen, living room, and guest house were built in 2010. The swimming pool was built in 2014.


What kind of animals will I find in the garden?

Birds of prey fly around the tower. There are also rabbits, lizards, and crickets.


What is that sound that I hear at night? It sounds like a car alarm.

That's a dwarf owl! It lives around the tower and is active during the evenings.


Is the tower in a quiet location?

You could live a hermit’s life. There are no direct neighbors and the tower is located on 5000 m2 of private land, and is surrounded by forest. This place offers a lot of privacy.


Is the view beautiful?

We’ve owned this place for over 19 years and sometimes forget to appreciate the beauty, but all our guests are always impressed by the view of the old town of Ibiza, the sea, and Formentera. This place will give you a truly amazing Ibiza feeling.


Is there a fence around the tower?

Yes, a wall, dense bushes, and trees surround the tower.



The tower is available for families and groups between March and October. To make sure the perfect date is available, please book well in advance.